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Research and Technology

We are adhering to independent research and development, insisting on continuous innovation and continuous improvement. We have been rated as:

 Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise

 National High-tech Enterprise


Patented technology

    Technological innovation has promoted the continuous upgrading of company's products, seeking innovation with technology, and promoting development with reforms. Xinsai has developed a series of domestic and foreign leading automation products and won many patent technology certificates on the strength of strong research and development capabilities.

Professional R&D

    Shenzhen Xin possesses a large number of senior R&D and design talents in the automation equipment industry. The R&D, design and manufacturing of the equipment are at the leading position in the industry.


Sales service network

    The product and marketing service network has spread all over the country. The company attaches great importance to the changes in the international market. Starting from the long-term perspective of development, exploring overseas markets has become the company's economic growth point.



Service philosophy

    Excellent service Quick and accurate

Service purposes 

    Customers are always paramount. Innovation is always leading. Service never stops.


    The whole process of service: From pre-sales to sales to after-sales, Xinsai service implements the whole process.

    All-weather service: Continuous service throughout the day, all-day service hotline: 13824375218 13824354886 13670276292

    Full-service: Covers the nation's after-sales service, professional engineers, ready to provide you with professional, prompt and reliable full-heart service.

Terms of Service

    Through years of unremitting efforts, our company has built up a complete after-sales service system by absorbing advanced after-sales service management and maintenance operation modes and mature experience. We can provide different models of after-sales service according to different requirements of customers. Under the premise of ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the equipment, the investment cost of the customer is minimized and the best economic benefit is achieved.

    1. Provide comprehensive maintenance within the warranty period of the contract. During this period, the company undertakes user training, maintenance, targeted repairs, and technical consulting services for related products.

    2, 24 hours a day service, after-sales service department received a maintenance call, make a written registration, and quickly processed to ensure that customers no worries.

    3. Within the service life of equipment, spare parts shall be provided to Party A at cost price.

    4, to provide free lifetime technical advisory services.

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